David Dilley Fantasy Football League Transaction Rules

Season indicates the season a rule or set of rules were first used by the DFL.

  1. A "Moss," otherwise known as "trading for the win" is not allowed.
  2. Trading of draft slots or draft picks is allowed. 2002
  3. Communication
    1. All transactions must be reported to the Commissioner, who must then make them known to the entire league.
    2. Any pickups made by the Commissioner must be reported to the Assistant Commissioner.
    3. Email is acceptable, as are answering machines, as long as the time stamp indicates the pickup or trade was made according to the rules.
  4. Deadlines
    1. No pickups or trades may be made from the beginning of the first game of that week until the conclusion of the Monday Night Game of that week.

      Note: This rule was broken once 1998 with the Commissioner Andy Moss's blessing. It is considered a non rule until the league votes otherwise.

    2. Trades are suspended for all teams after play in the Thanksgiving Day games has begun:
      1. The trading deadline is the start of the first game on Thanksgiving Day.
      2. Teams may continue to pickup players on waivers until their season is over, including during the postseason.
  5. Priority
    1. A waived player is unavailable for pickup until the conclusion of the next week's Monday night game, in order to ensure that each team has an equal chance at picking that player up.
    2. From the conclusion of the Monday Night Game until Tuesday at midnight Central Standard Time, pickups will be made on a "lower record - first served" basis. In case of a tie in records, it will be "first come - first served".
    3. After midnight Tuesday, and until the start of the week's earliest game, pickups can be made on a "first come - first served" basis.