David Dilley Fantasy Football League Draft Rules

Season indicates the season a rule or set of rules were first used by the DFL.

  1. Draft order shall be based on the previous year's results, in the following order, as done in the NFL:2001
    1. Final regular season standings
    2. Within a tied segment, non-playoff clubs are given priority over playoff clubs.
    3. Priority of playoff clubs will be based on their advancement in the playoffs, but they will not drop out of their tied segment unless they advance to the Fantasy Bowl.
    4. The Fantasy Bowl loser will draft second to last.
    5. The Fantasy Bowl winner will draft last.
  2. Odd rounds draft in the order determined above, and even rounds will draft in the reverse order.
  3. The draft will consist of 16 rounds.2002
  4. Trading of draft slots is allowed, as is trading of currently held players for future draft picks. 2002
  5. Teams may draft any number of players of each position.
  6. Draft order:
    The draft order will reverse for the even rounds
    Last Season's Finish Next Season's Draft Pick
    9th-12th Place Regular Season Draw for 1st-4th
    8th Place Regular Season 5th
    7th Place Regular Season 6th
    6th Place Regular Season 7th
    5th-3rd Place Regular Season 8th-10th based on regular season finish and playoff advancement
    Fantasy Bowl Runner-Up 11th
    Fantasy Bowl Winner 12th