David Dilley Fantasy Football League Administrative Rules

Season indicates the season a rule or set of rules were first used by the DFL.

  1. The Rules
    1. Rule additions, subtractions, or modifications may be suggested by any owner.
    2. Any suggestions may be made and voted on once and only once a season.
    3. Unsuccessful motions may not be brought up again for a vote until the completion of the season they were last suggested in.
    4. Jack Salita is hereby banned from organizing and running any DDFFL votes. 2002
  2. Responsibilities
    1. The Commissioner
      1. The Commissioner shall be the winner of the previous season's Fantasy Bowl.
      2. The Commissioner's primary responsibility is that of tie breaker in case of a evenly split vote on rule changes or issues important to the league. If the outcome of the vote affects the Commissioner, the Assistant Commissioner shall serve as the tie breaker.
      3. The Commissioner is responsible for arranging a time and location for the draft that is convenient to all owners, as well as providing refreshments at the draft itself.
      4. If the Commissioner is unable to fulfill his duties, for whatever reason, the Assistant Commissioner will be designated Acting Commissioner.
    2. The Assistant Commissioner
      1. Is Curran Riley
      2. Is responsible for maintaining the league website and all associated league properties.
    3. The Owners
      1. Owners must have their lineups in by game time of the Sunday's earliest game. Not having a lineup will result in a forfeiture of that week's game.
      2. In weeks where there are Thursday or Saturday games, owners must only report the players they wish to play in Thursday or Saturday games by the start of those games. The remaining lineup can be reported by game time of Sunday's earliest game.
      3. Owners must report each game's results, including point totals, to the Commissioner.
      4. Owners must report all roster moves to the Commissioner. No move will be official until the owner or owners in question receive the Commissioner's confirmation.
      5. The Commissioner must report his roster moves to the Assistant Commissioner.